Login Screen


The Login screen allows a User to access the registry application.

 Information Required

1.)  Organization Code

2.)  Username

3.)  Password

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When the  Login  button is clicked, the registry will validate the login information received from the above three information fields. Upon successful validation, the user will gain access to the registry, and the main application screen will be displayed. If the registry detects a discrepancy with any of the information provided, access will be denied and the following message will be displayed: " The Organization Name, Username, and Password combination entered is invalid! ". If this occurs, other attempts to login can be made by carefully re-entering the required information, paying special attention to spelling and capitalization, and then clicking the  Login  button. If, after several failed attempts, the registry cannot be accessed, contact your Administrator or the registry help desk.

When the  Reset  button is clicked, the registry will erase anything that was typed into any of the three information fields, thus leaving them blank.

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